I went slightly overboard a couple of weeks ago. To defend myself my purse was almost completely broken and looking just about as gross as a purse can. Basically I was frustrated at the fact that a purse I had only owned for about a year was so ridiculously broken so I splurged just a little bit.  I don’t think I’ve ever actually owned a leather purse let alone one like this so I just gave in basically.
The MICHAEL KORS Jet Set Travel Saffino Leather Wallet in black. Is just what I needed. It’s a sleek compact design, which holds everything I need even with room to put my phone if I want to use it as a clutch. I am completely in love with this purse. It doesn’t have very many card slots but I even like that, but that means that I can just carry a cardholder instead, meaning my purse isn’t nearly as heavy.

The MIMCO medium pouch is the perfect clutch. It has a wrist holder which makes it easy to hold and also I don’t have to have it on my shoulder  which just gets annoying all night especially when you want to dance. I chose the matte black with the black mimco symbol for just a nice plain design which really cant go wrong with, with any outfit. Which wouldn’t be possible if I chose the rose gold. I am considering getting a smaller pouch in the gold as they’re just so cute. 
Love Rosie

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