Here is just a little collection of my favourite skincare products. Now like everyone half the time i change up my skin care routine at least once a week. Whether I'm having a really good skin month or I'm wearing truckloads of makeup it all just depends. Anyway besides all that I thought I'd share just my favourite of each category and leave it at that.

Cleanser - Philosophy Purity Made Simple Facial Cleaner. 
I just absolutely love this, its perfect for taking off you're makeup in the evenings or just a fresh face in the mornings. It's really gentle if you've got sensitive skin, but it is a little irritating on your eyes. Basically I just love it, perfect cleanser really. 

Cleansing Water - Garnier Micellar Water
I use this just to get off any extra bits of eye makeup left behind after cleanser. It's also so perfect for using while doing your makeup for getting rid of any mistakes, I just dip a cutip in the water and its perfect for erasing any eyeliner or mascara smudges. Super sensitive on your skin, though I don't think I could use this all over my face as it can be a bit sticky.

Serum - Aloe Protective Serum
Now the Aloe range from the body shop is great for someone with sensitive skin, which I do not have. So really its not the best for my skin and I'm only really using it until I can find something else. But I can't say it doesn't do a nice job are really at calming the skin.

Blemish Control - Lorache Posay Effaclar Duo 
This is just my all time favourite product, its a perfect blemish control. Most people use it when they break out but I normally use it every night as I've got pretty blemish prone skin. It as helped incredibly to improve my skin

Moisturiser - Simple Light Moisturiser
I use the simple moisturiser basically because its cheap and it does the job. It's simple so you know it'll be sensitive on the skin. It's super nourishing but doesn't feel to think or heavy on the skin at all. 
Face Mask - Origins Drink Up Intensity Overnight Mask
This is just a really lovely restorative face mask, Its just great for people like me who unfortunately can be a bit mean to their skin sometimes. I also put it on before I get on planes or if I know I'm going to be somewhere dry all day. But otherwise prepare to wake up having much brighter, softer skin. Also the scent is amazing!
Love, Rosie.

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