I understand that it’s February and I'm basically a month late for all of this but better late than never.
Basically I want to sort out some resolutions or maybe lets not call them that, because we can all be honest absolutely no one ever follows New Years Resolutions. So instead, they’ll be goals or maybe just hopes for the New Year.
I’m about to go through supposedly the biggest change of my life, I’m moving out of home, I’m starting university. It’s going to be the first time I’m actually allowed to make decisions for myself. I could eat two minute noodles for absolutely every meal, ditch all my classes, waste all my time reading or watching tv, and spend all my money on makeup (which i will probably do anyway). 
But anyway, I want to just set myself some goals for the year to make sure I don’t just shut myself away, get too scared or too anxious being out there by myself to actually live. So here we go,

1. Experience your life.  
Go to concerts, go to plays, wear red lipstick, talk to people, go to bars, make friends with strangers, travel, see new sights, get drunk, stay sober, people watch and be watched.
2. Pass your classes
And this one is a lie okay, do not just pass your classes ACE YOUR CLASSES, please actually study. Go to the library, read books, learn things that you actually want to learn.
3. Be social
Join clubs, actually talk to people. Don’t be too scared to actually make friends. I know its terrifying actually talking to people, but please try. These could be the people you’ll know for your whole life.
4. Document Everything
I want to write this blog, use tumblr, take photographs, take selfies, take videos of the surroundings of myself. Just make sure that absolutely everything is recorded.

5. Make memories.
This is supposed to be one the best years of your life, so make it that. Make the best memories you could ever imagine.

Lets just hope this year is a good one.
Love, Rosie.

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