My room has never really been a place where I've wanted to hang out, or even somewhere that reflected my personality.  So next year I'm really trying to make my room somewhere that i want to be. Though of course I've had to do all this on basically no money, as I'm readying myself to be a starving college student. 
This has consisted of a lot of scrolling through Pinterest finding quick, cheap and easy DIYs including the one shown below. I'll make sure to link all the pages I used at the end of the post. 

Gold Sprayed Jars
All you need:
- Some old jars or bottles
- Spray paint (of any colour you like)

- Tape
- Some animal figurines (optional)
- Super glue (optional)

What to do:
All you need to do is put tape over the areas you don't want spray painted. 
Spray the jars and leave to dry, just follow the introductions on the can.

On the right I used rubber bands, this one isn't my favourite but I think it'll look great once some flowers are in there.
On the left I used tape and I definitely prefer this look.

Now the optional step you can do, is simply to add old little animal figurines on top of the jars. For this option I used mason jars I stole from my sister (score). 
I just spray painted the animals and super glued them on top of the lids. And personal I think they ended up really well.

These are just going to be handy little jars and vases to spruce up the room, not sure what ill put in them yet but I'm sure i can find a use. I might end up spraying a couple more things because I really love the way they turned out.
Love, Rosie.
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  1. I really love those jars! Btw nice blog! :)


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